When I forget, God Remembers

Aug 25, 2016faith, grace

Forgetting, deleting, redoing, undoing.

I wrote this post two nights ago, while I was meditating on all I think about, and the thoughts I don’t write down, and that get lost in the mist of my conscious mind. Not wanting to forget my meditations on that subject, I wrote them down here. I thought they were pretty good, too.

Then this morning I hit the wrong button, and the words were gone — forever.

Or were they?

Well, i remembered a few.

Before a word is on my tongue you, LORD, know it completely. Psalm 139:4 NIV

He remembers them all.

We have thousands of thoughts in a day. I personally do a lot of meditating and thinking, doing the action of logizomai — the Greek word that means to ponder, consider, reckon, suppose. The contemplative comes naturally to me. Many times I’ve practically composed a full blog post in my head and very often I’m too busy and/or lazy (odd how those things can be happening at the same time!) to write these thoughts down, and that genesis of an idea, be it good, mundane, or bad, left to itself, wanders away and gets lost in the shuffle of my brain. The bad and mundane doesn’t bother me, but I am sad that I’m such a poor steward of the good.

The comfort and grace is that God knows my thoughts before they hit my tongue or the end of my pen.

He remembers them all.

So I think that one day when we’re sitting together on a hill, watching a sunset, that he will lean toward me and remind me of one or two of the good ones.


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