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Spiritual Direction – Your Session

Practical Concerns

You should receive confirmation of your appointment after I’ve reviewed and approved your booking. The email has

  • Links that make it easy to add the appointment to the online calendar you use
  • Links to reschedule if needed
  • The location where we’ll meet

You’ll also receive reminders by email 3 days before the appointment and by text the day before the appointment.

If you need to reschedule your appointment, please do so within 2 days of your appointment online. If you need to reschedule later than that, please call or text me at 407-302-8081 no later than 24 hours before your appointment.

If you’re new to direction, we can meet for a complimentary introductory session. What’s this session like? Find out here.

This page gives more information on spiritual direction in general.

Preparing For Your Session

There are various ways to prepare for your spiritual direction session.


While not required, some people find journaling useful to record things like:

  • Prayer experiences
  • Feelings, questions, dreams, insights
  • Scripture passages
  • Personal encounters with others
  • Special readings, movies, TV shows, music, or art that touched you
  • Things you noticed while spending time in Creation

Each of these and other experiences or insights can be indications of the movement of God in your life.

Making Space

If it’s possible, allow some time before and after your session. Before your session, spend time in getting ready in the way that works for you. Some people find it helpful to seek a place to quietly reflect.


The day of your appointment reflect on your last session and what has happened since then. Reflect on your journal, or use the prompts above as a way to reflect if you do not journal.

Reflect on any action you had chosen to move toward in your last session.

Consider what you notice and what you’d like to explore in the coming session.


After your session, reflect on the content of the session. What new awareness may you have? Where was the movement of God? Did the Spirit invite you to move in a particular direction or take a specific action? Were you surprised by anything in the session?

Did you talk about what you wanted to bring into the session? If not — how was that for you?

Was the session helpful?

If it would be helpful to you, consider journaling or creating based on this new awareness.

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