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About Donna, Your Coach

My calling has been to companion with those in life transitions who are desiring to move beyond what they think they can do to what God thinks they can do. In my career I’ve experienced business takeovers, lay-offs, unemployment, and the ups and downs of self-employment. I’ve journeyed through seasons of grief in the loss of my dad as a young child and my mother as an adult. I understand both the pain of transition and the good God can work within us in difficult times.

I’ve been in church since my conversion in 10th grade. I’ve seen the beauty of Jesus’s body caring in love, and like most folks, I have a few scars, too. I began a reconstruction of my own faith about ten years ago, and came out the other side renewed in my faith by God’s grace and the Spirit’s patient counsel.

In the midst of my reconstruction I was introduced to the contemplative areas of Christianity through authors like Dallas Willard and Gerald May, whose books joined other favorites in my bookshelf (like C.S. Lewis, Vance Havner, Madeline L’Engle, to name a few.) I learned about things like spiritual formation, walking labyrinths, centering prayer, and Ignatian spirituality.

  • I’m a graduate of the Audire program for spiritual direction and a member ESDA.
  • I continue my learning journey through the wise educational services offered by the Shalem Institute, ESDA, SDI, Audire, and others.
  • I attend a credally orthodox, non-denominational church.
  • I graduated from Ethnos360 Bible Institute.
  • I have a BA from the University of Central Florida (Interdisciplinary/Liberal Arts: Fine Art and Computer Programming, English Writing minor).
  • I am a curious creative who enjoys making art with things and words.
  • I visit and ride horses when I can and garden when the weather is favorable.
  • I write a blog here at Living Selah.
  • I’m passionate about helping people discover and live fully into their true selves.
  • I’m a personality geek who loves learning and talking about the MBTI, Enneagram, Strengths Finder and #alltheways of understanding the mystery of who we are.
  • I love creating photo/text graphics of quotes and scripture that I share on Instagram.


My Approach To Direction

I practice spiritual direction in the contemplative – evocative method. This approach to spiritual direction values open-ended questions and offers invitations to deeper reflection and noticing during the time of direction.

The focus Of Spiritual Direction is two-fold. First, it is spiritual, and is therefore different from counseling, therapy, coaching or mentoring. Secondly, spiritual direction acknowledges that the Holy Spirit is the director.

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