About Me

My name is Donna Maukonen, and I am a single woman starting her second semicentury. I live in Central Florida, near the banks of the scenic and wild Wekiva River.

I first studied God’s written word at Ethnos360 Bible Institute in Jackson Michigan. After graduating and moving back to Central Florida, I continued studying with gifted teachers through workshops, conferences and seminars while working for a Christian educational non-profit. I graduated from the University of Central Florida following the interdisciplinary study of fine art, computer science, and writing.

I’m presently enrolled as an intern in the Audire program for spiritual direction, a 3-year training program of the Central Florida Foundation for Spiritual Direction, Inc. Audire celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2015.

Other special things that are integral to my life are my sister, my pets, my garden, creating all sorts of things, writing, and spending time with good friends and good books.

About Living Selah

I love a mystery. Selah is a word of mystery. Its meaning puzzles bible scholars, although it shows up in the book of Psalms 71 times and Habakuk 3 times. Some scholars view it as a direction to musicians to pause or take a breath. Some think it may be related to the Hebrew word “calah” which means “to weigh in the balance.” Still others think it’s a combination of two words that mean “to praise” and “to lift up.” My soul responds to all these meanings. I get so busy in the days, weeks, months, and years, and as I gain years, the swiftness of time astonishes me. Do you feel this too? Too often the present rushes at us, running rough shod with all its urgencies. We need to, even in the midst of what we might call “holy” or “spiritual”, take time to rest – take a breath – weigh – and praise. This is what I’d like you to find in this journal of mine. Places where you can take a breath, weigh a thought, and ring praise back to our eternal God. What I write are gifts of grace that God has given me, and that I hope will give you moments of peace in this often insane and messy world.

About the Logo

The triquetra is an ancient Christian symbol and is the three pointed part of the logo.  The three arcs symbolize the Trinity of Father, Son, and Spirit. The heart is intertwined with the triquetra as a symbol of the eternal and infinite love of God, and His charge for us to show the world that we are followers of the Son through our love for one another.


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