Our Sin Is Ever Before Us And So Is Our Savior

Jul 23, 2014faith, grace

I find then the principle that evil is present in me, the one who wants to do good.
Paul’s epistle to the Romans, Chapter 7 Verse 21

Paul doesn’t say that he’s getting better and better every day in every way. What he does talk about is the wretched man that he is, living in a body of death. He tells those who judge others that they practice the same things.

As I reflect on this, I think of what defines my “maturity” as a Christ follower. What if you were to ask me what great truth I’ve learned or grown more into as a Christian of nearly 40 years?

The one understanding I’ve received, in greater depth as years pass is how much I need my Savior. It seems when I think I feel the bedrock of how far I’ve fallen, it slips from under my toes.

As John Newton said,

I am a great Sinner, and Christ is a great Savior.

I’ve come to regard a great part of my sanctification, my being set apart as different from this world, comes from a deeper comprehension of my depravity. In a civilization where pervasive sin is rarely acknowledged, often ignored, and sometimes celebrated, this indeed makes you and I a “peculiar people” in the midst of a bent culture.

Not because we are sinless, or even sin less. Our sin is ever before us, and so is our Savior.

Romans 7:25

Does this mean we will never get better? No, what it means is that our only hope of getting better is Christ. We present our members to God as slaves to Him, and being in obedience to His righteousness. But keep in mind, the righteousness itself is a gift from God, the imputed righteousness of Christ.

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